Hey there lovely, thanks for dropping by; I am splashing paints and writing stories, preparing the Mermaid Manifesto (out on June 1st 2014) with free artwork and all just for you. Sign up to be the first to know, and for lovely stories of my art , surf, ocean, New Zealand and Marine Science , Sustainability and Conservation...and I will let you know when it is ready. Big Love! P.S I am also looking out for personal stories about the ocean ;) close

If your heart is in the Ocean: This is your Home


i love pretty fish favicon by junel and tennille

Welcome to The Mermaid Tribe.

This is a Sanctuary for the Oceanese.

I believe in surrounding yourself with people and things

that make you want to do a Happy Bum Wiggle.

I believe in trusting yourself and the inspirations that flow

when you are feeling DELICIOUS and SPARKLY inside.

Like Jelly Sandals inlaid with Glitter.

In my own little cheeky, fun and

I-seriously-don’t-care-what-is-trending way,

I want to share the joy of play and art as a way of life.

The Mermaid Tribe shares more than just my art:

it is for sharing stories of people and the sea.

Pretty Surf Ocean Love Raglan Dila Tawn Pretty Fish

For your sparkly delight:

  • Bibelot Bay

I am developing the free gazette, Bibelot Bay, to share my

latest artwork, personal stories and ocean-related

features about Smart, Solution-oriented, Passionate and

Abundance-Practice People,

for Intelligent, Solution-oriented, Passionate and

Abundance-Practice Ocean Lovers.

Sign up to get Bibelot Bay delivered to your inbox. No charge.

SPAM: Not for eating. Not for your inbox. Not from me.

  • Canvas Cuddles:

You saw it here first : fun, quirky, heart- inspirational quotes

(from my Mermaid Manifesto) and sea creature illustration

prints on eco-canvases to brighten up your home, workspace

and soul.

I am working on linking this site to my Etsy store: pop over and

have a squiz !


Send your Snort-and-Giggles buddy a Canvas Cuddle as a

manifestation of your loving happy vibes for them :)

  • Pretty Fish Prints: 

I love making surfboards really pretty, and have paintings for

custom surfboards (that are available as Inlayz for shapers

worldwide, and also with REDZ surfboards in Bali).

For homes, walls and inspiration spaces: I’ve made them into

signed, limited-edition museum-quality prints.

They are mini-pretty-surfboards for your wall with a retro-fish

shaped matting and

my Choosily-chosen Made-in-New Zealand art frames.

Coming Soon:

Pretty Toasty (Guess what it is?!)

Glide around, Seek and Fun away in The Mermaid Tribe.

BYOT – Bring Your Own Tail  

Love and Happy Bum Wiggles,

xo Dila Tawn Pretty Fish

The Mermaid Tribe. All Rights Reserved.


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